The Top 10 Health Myths Finally Exposed!


Only four hundred years ago it became believed that the sun revolved across the Earth.

And it turned into only within the overdue 19th century that the barbaric practice of blood letting (and once believed ‘cure all’ of sickness) become eventually deserted.

Thanks to advances in science and remedy, new discoveries had been made that have reshaped vintage paradigms and modified our way of thinking.

Therefore, we’d expect that in this modern age of technology, medicinal drug and generation, a nicely installed consensus of health records could exist… Sadly this is NOT the case.

In reality, most of the cutting-edge fitness guidelines are causing an growth in fitness problems. Several main health researchers factor to the reality that those guidelines are frequently driven by using positive industries who’ve vested interests; particularly income, at stake.

As a former scholar of natural treatment options, and having now been involved inside the health & fitness enterprise for over 17 years, it’s far my intention to shed some mild on 10 of the most not unusual fitness myths – as arguable as they may be!

The Top 10 Health Myths are as follows:

Myth 1: Your genetics decide whether or not you may get most cancers

Myth 2: For suitable fitness, observe the pointers of the meals pyramid

Myth 3: The solar causes skin cancer

Myth 4: People are obese because they have sluggish metabolisms

Myth five: Cows milk is a superb source of calcium and builds strong bones

Myth 6: Eggs are excessive in cholesterol and should therefore be avoided

Myth 7: Margarine is a higher desire than butter

Myth eight: Artificial sweeteners are a great opportunity to sugar

Myth 9: You ought to consume a low fat weight loss plan

Myth 10: I have to drink crimson wine because it’s recommended by using my medical doctor for desirable coronary heart fitness

Let’s cope with these one by one…

Myth 1: Your genetics decide whether or not you will get most cancers.

Fact: Your LIFESTYLE is the single most determining aspect, not your genes!

Just due to the fact your guardian died from most cancers would not mean you have to suffer the identical destiny. It all comes all the way down to lifestyle picks.

Unhealthy weight loss program, lack of exercising and terrible lifestyle choices, play a chief function in the improvement of many illnesses, which include most cancers.

Dr Rachel Thompson, technology programme supervisor for the World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF) dispels this commonplace myth and she or he conservatively estimates that lack of workout and being overweight, reasons 3 times as many instances of most cancers as genetics.

According to her, the evidence shows that 39 in keeping with cent of the maximum not unusual cancers, along with breast and bowel, could be avoided thru a terrific weight loss plan, exercising and retaining weight beneath manipulate.

“It’s crucial to dispel the myth that most cancers is right down to genes,” says Thompson. “The proof suggests that an dangerous food regimen and coffee pastime ranges purpose 3 instances extra most cancers cases than genes. If humans do have a family history, then this is vital facts for them for my part, but overall this inherited genetic predisposition is uncommon. In reality the ones who have inherited genes should pay even nearer interest to their life-style as there is probably still a lot they could do to lessen their risk.

“It is apparent that deciding on a healthy food plan and being more physically lively are vital ways to help save you many cancers,” she delivered.

Furthermore, a observe performed in 2005 by way of Dean Ornish and colleagues at the University of California, San Francisco, US, tested the effects of a dramatic life-style change on gene expression in 30 men with prostate most cancers.

Biopsies taken earlier than and after three months of wholesome eating, mild exercise, stress management and psychotherapy showed a significant alternate within the expression of hundreds of genes. Healthy ingesting and exercise turned critical genes on and stale.

Many, which includes several genes concerned in tumor formation, have been down-regulated, or less lively. Others, which includes a few ailment-combating genes, had been extra lively.

Not simplest do these results exhibit that positive lifestyle adjustments can gradual the progression of most cancers, the outcomes will also be large for most cancers prevention.

Conclusion: Many humans accept as true with that inherited genes or without a doubt horrific good fortune are the only elements in most cancers development and it is time this fantasy was laid to rest.

Myth 2: For suitable health, follow the tips of the meals pyramid.

Fact: Following the hints of the food pyramid is awful on your fitness!

The unique 1992 U.S.D.A. Meals pyramid was primarily based at the equal suggestions and ratios for fattening cattle and different livestock!

According to Harvard Scientist Dr. Walter Willett, the original meals pyramid was motivated by meals industries instead of legitimate medical studies. He additionally states that the food pyramid is “extraordinarily deceptive and wrong.”

For example, blanket hints are made that every one fat are bad and all carbohydrates are the same, that is in reality not authentic.

Moreover, the unique meals pyramid advocates ingesting 6-11 servings of carbohydrate in step with day. Therefore it’s infrequently sudden that we’ve got such high quotes of kind 2 person onset diabetes and obesity.

Recommendations regarding exercise, alcohol intake and the significance of end result and greens are conspicuously missing.

The New ‘Longevity’ Pyramid!

Dr Mitra Ray, writer of ‘From Here to Longevity’ advocates a brand new food pyramid that’s based totally on sound health principles. This new food pyramid has a basis of 5-10 servings of non-starchy vegetables. The subsequent tier is meat, fish and chicken 2-three servings as well as lentils, beans, raw nuts or seeds comprising 1 serving. The subsequent level is fruit, 2-four servings, and the pinnacle level (or least quantity) is complete grains, breads and cereals with a maximum of 2 servings according to day.

Myth 3: The solar causes skin cancer.

Fact: The frame wishes daylight! Regular publicity to daylight can lessen the occurrence of cancer by using up to 60%

Unfortunately many well intentioned docs and dermatologists propagate the belief that the sun causes cancer, whilst in reality, the alternative is genuine.

For example, many research show that those who live in sunnier, southern latitudes and who have higher ranges of nutrition D (as a result of their accelerated solar exposure) are a good deal less probably to die from any kind of most cancers than humans in northern latitudes.

There is likewise strong evidence that sunlight protects towards MS and breast most cancers.

Contrary to what you can have heard, suitable sun exposure virtually facilitates prevent the fatal form of pores and skin cancer, melanoma. In fact, prices of cancer had been found to lower with greater solar publicity. Melanoma is more commonplace in indoor employees than out of doors employees, and melanoma extra normally appears on regions of the frame which might be NOT uncovered to the sun.

To significantly reduce our hazard of developing most cancers, we need to ensure we’ve got regular sun publicity to preserve nutrition D at most appropriate degrees.

Recommendation: Try to obtain 10-15 mins of solar exposure in line with day. Cover up with clothing to save you sunburn, and make sure to keep away from the use of commercial sunscreens as those comprise poisonous chemical substances linked to pores and skin cancer & cancer (fantastic but actual) AND they block the absorption of vitamin D. If you should use sunscreen, use a natural, chemical free alternative.

Myth 4: People are obese because they have slow metabolisms.

Fact: Only a totally small percentage of humans have gradual metabolisms.

It’s a commonplace grievance, however research display you can not use a gradual metabolism as an reason for weight gain.

In truth, current studies have discovered that obese human beings truely have faster metabolisms and burn off extra power than their lighter counterparts.

Your frame composition, mainly your lean muscle tissues, determines your basal metabolic charge (BMR) or the amount of calories you burn at relaxation.

The more lean muscle you have, the extra energy you burn, and people who are overweight normally have an accelerated metabolic rate because they have got more muscle in addition to fats.

This is why men – who typically have greater lean muscle than girls do – generally tend to lose weight quicker and advantage it more slowly. It’s also why specialists recommend strength training to build muscle mass. BMR is likewise stricken by how a great deal you exercising. All physical activity, now not just strenuous pastime, increases the variety of energy you burn.

There IS this kind of factor as a sluggish metabolism however it’s very uncommon.

If you’re involved that you have a gradual metabolism, consult your health professional. Your fitness expert may advocate a take a look at to calculate your BMR, or resting power expenditure. Medical conditions which can lower BMR or regulate your muscle-to-fats ratio encompass hypothyroidism and Cushing’s syndrome.

The bottom line: Most obese or overweight people do no longer get that manner because of a sluggish metabolism. They get that way because they eat too many calories and don’t exercise enough.

Myth 5: Cows milk is a great supply of calcium and builds sturdy bones.

Fact: Cows milk isn’t designed for human intake. We are the only species on the earth to drink another species milk… Cow’s milk is for cows!

People who’ve grown up believing that cows milk is a superb for you, that it is a top notch source of calcium and produces sturdy bones, are in for a surprise! In fact, many distinguished clinical doctors are now announcing dairy consumption is a contributing component in almost two dozen sicknesses of kids and adults.

Our “dietary education” in college (funded in element via the dairy industry) taught us that dairy merchandise are one of the 4 basic meals companies we all need for proper vitamins. As a end result, dairy merchandise became a properly-entrenched and predominant staple of presidency-backed school lunch applications.

Cow’s milk can result in iron deficiency anemia, hypersensitive reactions, diarrhea, heart disorder, colic, cramps, gastrointestinal bleeding, sinusitis, pores and skin rashes, zits, elevated frequency of colds and flu, arthritis, diabetes, ear infections, osteoporosis, allergies, autoimmune diseases, and greater, probably even lung cancer, multiple sclerosis and non Hodgkin’s lymphoma…

And what about the declare that milk is a wonderful supply of calcium?

Ounce for ounce, a single head of broccoli has extra calcium than a glass of cow’s milk. However, even extra essential is the finding that the type of calcium determined in inexperienced greens is higher absorbed and does no longer leach from the bones… Unlike excessive protein-containing dairy products.

In brief, ok quantities of inexperienced greens are tons higher resources of calcium than milk and cheese.

Myth 6: Eggs are high in cholesterol and need to therefore be prevented.

Fact: You can consume 1 or 2 whole eggs according to day and now not be concerned about improved cholesterol.

There has been a good sized perception that eggs are horrific in your coronary heart, however, consuming whole eggs on a day by day basis may also show to hold numerous fitness blessings, which includes a reduced danger of coronary heart disease!

Research showed that, in healthy adults, eating eggs every day did not produce an boom in cholesterol levels or represent an extended cardiac risk.

While it’s real that egg yolks include cholesterol, (of which the body requires a positive amount) we ought to not assume that eating nutritional ldl cholesterol will yield an increase in blood cholesterol. Therein lies the confusion. There is NO correlation among dietary ldl cholesterol and serum (blood) cholesterol levels.

So cross beforehand, eat and egg or two according to day (preferably the natural, free variety range) and experience the healthy coronary heart advantages.

Myth 7: Margarine is a better choice than butter.

Fact: Avoid margarine at all costs. And that consists of the so called healthful olive oil based totally margarines. Butter is higher!

Despite unjustified warnings approximately saturated fat, the list of butter’s advantages is indeed marvelous. Butter is a wealthy source of vitamins A,D,E and K in addition to trace minerals and fatty acids necessary for a variety of healthful bodily features.

Standing in direct opposition to those wholesome traits stands margarine and various ‘vegetable oil’ spreads.’ While these may be inexpensive, chances are you would in no way eat them once more in case you knew how they had been made!

Margarines are crafted from assorted vegetable oils that have been heated to extraordinarily excessive temperatures. This ensures the oils end up rancid. After that, a nickel catalyst is added, along side hydrogen atoms, to solidify it. Nickel is a toxic heavy metal and small amounts constantly stay in the completed product. Finally, deodorants and shades are delivered to take away margarine’s terrible odor (from the rancid oils) and unappetizing gray colour.

In the solidification system, dangerous carcinogenic trans-fatty acids are created. Ask your self, might you instead have a health meals with healthy qualities? Or a stick of carcinogenic, bleached and deodorized slop.

Given the selection, choose butter!

Myth eight: Artificial sweeteners are a terrific alternative to sugar

Artificial Sweeteners are fairly poisonous to the body!

Aspartame (regularly labelled as ‘phenyalanine’) and advertised under the call NutraSweet, Splenda and Equal, is connected to a mess of health and neurological troubles together with fibromyalgia, lupus, alzheimers and MS.

Often described as a silent killer, signs of aspartame toxicity are often neurological and might encompass numbness of the legs, cramps, vertigo, dizziness, complications, tinnitus, joint pain, depression (aspartame reduces serotonin stages within the mind) tension attacks, slurred speech, blurred vision and reminiscence loss.

Those folks looking our waistline are regularly tempted by claims of ‘0 sugar’ or low carbohydrates. However, extra frequently than now not these food and drink contain artificial sweeteners. Paradoxically, synthetic sweeteners cause carbohydrate cravings which could lead to weight advantage!

Today, synthetic sweeteners can be discovered in everything from smooth beverages to yoghurt to baked goods to chewing gum.

Although small quantities are not going to be tricky, be discerning of your food selections and be conscious that repeated ingestion of synthetic sweeteners may be negative for your long term fitness.

Myth nine: You have to devour a low fats eating regimen

Fact: The body wishes fats! Especially ‘critical fat.’

This concept that each one fat is bad is completely untrue. Every cellular inside the human frame calls for fat for metabolic capabilities, the manufacture of hormones, brain function, plus many different important features.

Your body wishes ‘vital fat’ out of your diet (vital honestly method that our body can not make it by means of itself) The quality assets are excessive in omega three and include olive oil, nuts, avocado and fish oils.

The rights fats assist in reducing blood strain, thinning your blood and stopping blood clots. Likewise, most inflammatory conditions may be prevented or managed with normal omega 3 fat in the weight loss program. A loss of omega three to your food plan will intensify some of inflammatory situations ranging from allergies to arthritis and even coronary heart problems.

The fat soluble Vitamins A, D, E and K can’t be absorbed unless we have sufficient fat in our weight-reduction plan. Therefore no matter what number of vitamin wealthy culmination and greens you eat, when you have a low fats food plan, it is pretty possibly you may finally go through degenerative sicknesses because of diet deficiencies. One example is osteoporosis. For calcium in our weight loss program to turn out to be bone mass, it requires the presence of Vitamin D and Vitamin K to be absorbed.

As the human brain is 70% lipid (fat) we need a regular consumption of healthful fats and cholesterol to characteristic properly. Therefore it need to no longer wonder you that a low intake of fat can cause short term reminiscence loss, lack of concentration, depression, bi polar problems and schizophrenia and inside the long run, Alzheimer’s disorder.

Symptoms of insufficient fats in our weight-reduction plan include accelerated levels of cholesterol, dry and flaky skin, lack of pores and skin elasticity and wrinkles. (The blessings of healthful fats are similar to antioxidants.)

Healthy fats are therefore an essential component of your eating regimen. Eat fats, however select the right fats!

Myth 10: I ought to drink pink wine as it’s advocated with the aid of my medical doctor for accurate heart fitness

Fact: It’s now not the alcohol in crimson wine that is right for you. Alcohol is a neurotoxin!

It’s now not the alcohol in red wine that is linked to a decreased occurrence of heart disorder, it is an antioxidant found in pink grapes referred to as resveratrol.

Wines incorporate ample portions of polyphenols, a class of antioxidant not present in different alcoholic drinks. The concentration of polyphenols in pink wine is numerous times extra than that during white wine and it’s miles these polyphenols that are associated with some of health blessings.

Alcohol itself is virtually a neurotoxin and extra intake can critically disrupt your sensitive hormone balance, cause liver damage and other fitness troubles.

If you are a non drinker, my recommendation is sincerely this… Don’t begin now! Remember, it’s now not the alcohol in purple wine that is exact for you – it is the antioxidants. Use moderation, or drink grape juice instead!


So there you have got it. The pinnacle 10 health myths ultimately exposed.

I encourage you to be vigilant in your pursuit of true fitness and be weary of health claims made by means of the media, the pharmaceutical agencies and even your personal medical doctor.

When it comes for your fitness, you are the one within the driver’s seat. Do your very own studies, are looking for out legitimate assets of records and explore herbal and opportunity remedies wherein appropriate.

It’s by retaining an open mind, wondering and evaluating current health guidelines, that you could simply take manipulate of your health and nicely being.

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